How To Make An Easy $500 Per Month

Without Joining Another Business Opportunity

What Is The Product?

You’re helping people to simplify their business, make more money and get more time by automating their email marketing.

Your customers get 30 done-for-them emails each month.

It’s a monthly recurring service.

They may cancel at any time.

These infotaining emails are written personally by Igor. They’re head and shoulders above the carbon-copy emails people get when they sign up with a business opportunity.

Help your customers get more opens, clicks and sales by suggesting to them to have industry’s best email marketer write their daily emails for them!

How Much Do You Make?

You make $97 per month off each sale.

You only need 5 referrals to make an extra $500 per month.

Our average retention rate is 97 days. So you can expect, on average, a $300 lifetime customer value.

Plus, keep in mind, there’s virtually no competition. This isn’t anything like promoting a business opportunity that all the other leaders are promoting at the same time using the same traffic sources.

You’re introducing people to a brand new solution they’ve probably never heard of before. And if there’s anything biz opp marketers love its brand new things they never tried before!

Who’s Ideal Prospect For This?

People who are members of high ticket business opportunities who build a list or are thinking of building a list.

Also, people who hate writing email copy.

This service is ideal for people promoting online marketing systems, bitcoin biz opps or “classic” internet marketing programs like MOBE, Digital Altitude etc.

This isn’t a good fit for people who promote health and wellness MLMs or lotion and potion programs.

How & When Do You Get Paid?

We payout between the 1st and 5th of the month for the previous month’s sales. We pay out by PayPal.
We can also wire if you don’t get along with PayPal

What Kind Of Affiliate Tools Do You Get?

Inside the affiliate dashboard you’ll be equipped with email swipes and banner ads. We encourage you to create your own authentic marketing pieces – those will always work better than carbon copy affiliate stuff.

Don’t Make Any Douche Moves And We’ll Make You A Lot Of Money

The doors into our new affiliate program are open to everyone. However, we reserve the right to remove you from the affiliate program and freeze your commissions in case of fraud or use of any illegal/black hat promotional tactics. In other words – don’t be a douche and we’ll get along.

“Igor, I Understand The Affiliate Terms. Get Me My Affiliate Link!”
Contact your affiliate manager Dennis Ray at with any questions

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